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For Spike Lee, it’s all about ‘storytelling, storytelling, storytelling’

written by Mike Scott.

The temptation for the outside observer is to view Spike Lee’s new drama “Red Hook Summer” as something of a full-circle film for the New York filmmaker. Here he is, after all, once more returning to the indie style of filmmaking that launched his career in 1986, back when “She’s Gotta Have It” became a low-budget sensation.

And here he is once more using Brooklyn as the stage for one of his feature-length stories. It’s the first time in 14 years — since 1998’s “He Got Game” — that he’s added to his now six-film “Chronicles of Brooklyn” series. Here he is once more earning a screenwriting credit, his first since 2004’s “She Hate Me.”

And here he is appearing once more on-screen, briefly playing his recurring character Mookie — albeit a Mookie who has aged 23 years since we first saw him.

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