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David Cronenberg and medium-budget filmmaking

by Ryan Lambie.

With this year’s Cosmopolis, director David Cronenberg once again proved his talent for making probing, clinical and often extremely disturbing movies.

Starting his feature-directing career in the 70s with the uncompromising, unforgettably icky ‘venereal horror’ of Shivers (aka The Parasite Murders, aka They Came From Within), Cronenberg has since carved out a fearsome reputation as a creator of movies that are by turns intelligent and horrifying.

Always working at the very periphery of the mainstream, Cronenberg’s movies have seldom been expensive to make; The Fly (1986) and A History Of Violence (2005) were rare examples of his studio filmmaking, and even they’re fiercely individual movies – for the former, Cronenberg flatly refused to relocate to Hollywood, opting to shoot the movie in Toronto with his usual cast and crew.

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