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Robert Rodriguez: A Career Hooligan Looks Back, But Mostly Forward

by Marc Savlov.

Aspiring filmmaker? Don’t go back to school. Seriously. No matter how much your parents plead with you, it’s no longer necessary.

Instead of amassing the soul-crushing mountain of student loan debt that you will incur over four years spent learning film theory and practice, why not just take one-half of a semester’s tuition and buy a prosumer camera, Final Cut Pro, and – this last bit is key – every single Robert Rodriguez DVD/Blu-ray you can? Study them. Listen to his director’s commentaries. Absorb at a molecular level the lessons and advice he offers in his “Ten Minute Film School” videos.

Note his remarkable progression as a filmmaker: from 1992’s now-iconic El Mariachi to the forthcoming Machete Kills, and from his recent creation of the Quickdraw production and animation facilities to the planned 2014 launch of his Latino-oriented Comcast network El Rey. Watch everything he has done, study everything he has crafted, then do it again. And then go do it yourself.

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