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China: Filmmaking’s new frontier

by Lance Crayon.

Making documentaries might have become easier for Chinese filmmakers over the past decade, but most have yet to fully embrace non-traditional storytelling methods. Although many have greater access to technology, not all have expanded their horizons to incorporate some of the creative styles used abroad.

The 9th Beijing Independent Film Festival recovered from a major hurdle at its opening on August 18, when power was cut during a screening, by resuming the following day at the Lixianting Film Fund headquarters in the Songzhuang Art Zone, Tongzhou district.

On Tuesday, film and media professor Brian Winston from the UK’s University of Lincoln delivered a presentation at the Beepub Bookstore at the Songzhuang Art Museum titled “Breaking Boundaries: Exploring New Documentary Forms.” Filmmakers and documentary enthusiasts from China and elsewhere were in attendance to learn more about the latest trends in foreign documentary filmmaking.

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