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4 Screenwriting Tips to Help You Win the Four Stories Filmmaking Competition

by Cole Abaius.

You’ve only got 7 more days to enter the Four Stories Filmmaking Competition, which means you’ve either got to hustle or you’re still polishing and perfecting. Either way, we’ve decided to help out with a few free pieces of advice that might come in handy.

The contest – sponsored by W Hotels, Intel, The Directors Bureau and Roman Coppola – is unique in that its prompt involves two strict rules about where the story must be set (inside a W Hotel) and what has to be at the heart of the story (an Ultrabook laptop). Think of it as a grown-up version of creative writing class where the chance to have your script made by a Coppola is at stake along with two cool trips and a bit of spending money. I don’t remember my creative writing teacher ever being able to offer that (sorry, Mr. Boyd!).

So if everyone is shackled by these challenges, how do you stand out? The creativity is up to you, but hopefully these 4 tips will get you that extra push you need for that 20th revision to really sing.

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