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FilmDirectingTips.com presents The Tuesday Tip: “Why Study the History of Film?”

Why Study the History of Film?

Someone once said “To know where you have been is to know where you are going.” In other words: to understand yourself you have to look back at your own history and take it into account. Not only does that quote give us a guiding light about our own lives, (you have to grasp the past as a guide to the future) it helps us as filmmakers as well.


As filmmakers, we need to know about the history of this visual medium (how movies were made in the past and the filmmakers who made them) because this knowledge will help us understand where we can go in the future.

I believe that understanding how movies were made in the past will enable you to be a more creative filmmaker today. So remember, “always look back to where you have been, for a clue to where you are going.”

This film making tip is from my 238 page Film Directing Online course, The Art and Craft of the Director Audio Seminar. Click here to get a free download of Day One (30 pages) of this multi-media filmmaking course.

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