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Independent Filmmaking: Passion or Profession?

by Terry Green.

I love being an independent filmmaker. Not for the few and far between accolades I’ve received for the movies I’ve made, but for the opportunities independent film has given me — a chance to have a voice and share that voice with others. I imagine this is why so many choose film as a profession.

But independent filmmaking as we know it isn’t what it once was, when stepping behind the camera meant you had arrived at a certain level and achieved a certain distinction in your career. Directing movies was once reserved for those who had made previous achievements in the industry and earned their way into the director’s chair.

Today, a hand-held digital camera and home editing system is all you need to make a film and to call yourself a director — a few thousand dollars out of pocket and you’re on your way. The sheen has worn off the shiny new car and now we’re all driving Buicks.

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