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Hollywood Eager to Feed China’s Appetite for 3-D

by Jonathan Landreth.

Zheng Huan and Tang Xiaomei, infrequent moviegoers from rural Jiangxi in southeast China, saw their first 3-D film last week while visiting the capital.

It was not James Cameron’s “Titanic 3-D,” the highest-grossing film here this year and the third highest of all time, with $153 million in ticket sales. Instead, it was a swirling martial arts fantasy, “Painted Skin II,” which Mr. Zheng said hurt his eyes but Ms. Tang said was captivating.

The two are a shade older than the 18- to 34-year-olds who made Mr. Cameron’s earlier 3-D hit, “Avatar,” the highest-grossing film in China, with $208 million in ticket sales. Hollywood is aggressively pursuing that age group now that China is the leading export market for its films in terms of box-office receipts.

Last Wednesday, Mr. Cameron’s 3-D technology company, the Cameron Pace Group, announced that it would set up shop in Tianjin, a northeastern port city, as part of a government-backed joint venture there. Last spring, Imax said it wanted to install 229 giant screens nationwide.

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  • Adriana December 24, 2015, 9:53 PM

    / It turned out to be an exlcelent film. Although I can understand why those who saw the trailer were left unimpressed. You need the big screen to create the melodrama.My recent post