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Who Got Snubbed? 10 Directors Who Surprisingly Aren’t On The Sight & Sound Top 50 Greatest Films List Blogs

by The Playlist Staff.

So many auteurs, so little time… It’s less than 24 hours since the unveiling of Sight & Sound’s once-a-decade extensive poll of film critics to find the quote-unquote greatest film of all time, which for the first time ever, saw Orson Welles’ “Citizen Kane” fall off the top spot and replaced by Alfred Hitchcock’s “Vertigo.” And as ever, the list has already inspired extensive and fervent debate.

And as with any such list, there are absences. Not just in terms of films, but also directors who failed to crack the top 50 (all that’s been offiicailly revealed by the BFI so far). While Godard gets four, Tarkovsky and Coppola three, and several other directors more than one, there’s all kinds of great filmmakers who miss out entirely. Of course, one shouldn’t read too much into such lists: they will always be divisive and controversial/subjective and many will take them all too seriously, often in a counter-productive, over-emotional manner.

But lists such as this one can also spark debate and discussion, so in the spirit of that notion, we wanted to respond by highlighting some of the most surprising omissions. Below, you can find five classic auteurs and five still-working directors who seem to have been strong candidates for having a film included, and yet still missed out. Angry that both Sight & Sound omitted your own favorites? Let us know in the comments section.

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