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Apps help filmmakers rein in costs Smartphones offer inspiration, opportunity for amateurs, pros

by Karen Idelson.

Since smartphones and tablets took the consumer electronics world by storm just a few years ago, the devices have revolutionized the way entertainment is consumed.

Now these same hand-held devices may do the same thing for the way entertainment is made, thanks to apps aimed at biz professionals — and at tyro filmmakers looking for a way to show off their talents.

The MovieSlate app makes it possible to use an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch as a digital slate, clapperboard and shot log, all for $24.99.

Another program, Image Control, from Gamma & Density, allows on-set color correction via communication of images between the set and post-production. Designed purely for pro environments, Image Control costs $399. A lower-cost version is in development.

At the other end of the cost spectrum, Red Giant’s Movie Looks HD, an app that generates 40 different cinematic effects that can be applied to iPhone videos, sells on iTunes for $1.99. The developer says the program lets consumers create movies with the same tools used by professionals.

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