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The William Friedkin Interview: Part 3 – Filmmaking Today and the Truth about the ‘French Connection’ Blu-ray

by Brad Brevet.

We’ve reached the end of the road as I bring you the third and final installment in my interview with director William Friedkin whose latest film, Killer Joe, hits limited theaters today and will expand throughout August (click here for a list of theaters).

After making films for 45 years, Friedkin has seen a lot of changes with the latest focus being on digital filmmaking, 3-D and even he brings up the push for filming and projecting at a higher frame rate. He has adopted one of these modern era techniques, but disregards the two others while showing a clear fascination with high definition video and Blu-rays.

Friedkin took a lot of heat, in fact, for the remastered presentation of his 1971 classic The French Connection when it hit Blu-ray back in 2009. On the disc he proclaimed it to be the best he believes the film has ever looked. To say his claim was met with a raised eyebrow would be an understatement. Even French Connection cinematographer Owen Roizman came out against the transfer saying:

Billy [Friedkin] for some reason decided to do this on his own. I wasn’t consulted. I was appalled by it. I don’t know what Billy was thinking. It’s not the film that I shot, and I certainly want to wash my hands of having had anything to do with this transfer, which I feel is atrocious.”

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