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The Master of Modern Hollywood! Is Steven Spielberg Really Losing His Magic?

by PuyGuy.

He has been called the Master of Audience manipulation. He has been called greatest director of all time. From a fans point of view I break down on Steven Spielbergs work. Find out if the man who revolutionized Hollywood is really losing his magic.

First off: This is NOT an Editorial about Comics or Comicbook-Movies. Captain Obvious has spoken. If you re not interested in an Editorial about “normal” movies do not read this article.

This is a VERY long article. I will first explain how Spielberg received his praise and his fame. I will do so in a very detailed manner. After that I will explain what i think about the “New Spielberg”, lets say from the year 2000 onwards.

Only keep on reading if you are REALLY interested in the subject matter. I don’t want to bore you.

Read the rest of this article from Comic Book Movie.

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