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The end of the road for Lollywood?

by Sher Khan.

After the disappointing news that none of the funds from this year’s budget were allocated for the film industry, here is another dreary fact: 2012 may just be the year that sees the least number of film releases in the industry’s history. According to a source within the film industry, only two or three Lahore-based productions are scheduled to be released this Eid; film-makers have moved from Lahore to greener pastures, leaving the once busy studios silent and empty.

Producer of last year’s Bhai Log, Chaudhry Kamran explains why. “Why would investors want to make a film which is unable to recover (investments)?” he asks, adding that the movie was a hit when it was released over Eidul Fitr as it drew in large crowds. Kamran has been working on revamping the existing producers association, which he hopes will provide a forum to address film-makers’ grievances.  He also added that around eight to 10 films will be produced every year with only two or three being released during Eid.

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