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Hooray for Kollywood? Russian film hub in the works

by Emily Alpert.

California has long had the Hollywood we know and love — or loathe. India boasts lush Hindi musicals and dramas from Mumbai, formerly Bombay, where the industry is now known as Bollywood. Nigeria has rapidly risen in the movie business too, coining the name Nollywood as staggering numbers of new movies flow from Lagos.

Now Russia, which has one of the longest-running film industries in the world, is trying to get in on the act, with plans for a “Kollywood,” Russian media report. Unused factories in the town of Kolomna outside Moscow are to be revamped as a mecca for Russian filmmakers with studios and classrooms for movie moguls in training, the RIA Novosti news agency reported Tuesday.

Read the rest of this article from LA Times.

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