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Got a rupee to spare? You can co-produce a movie

by Rupali Shukla.

A rupee may not fetch much today, but it may definitely give you the chance to call yourself the co-producer of a movie.

It’s an idea that’s popular across the world and gradually catching on among young filmmakers in India who find it tough to find funds for their movies. Two such filmmakers from the city have now gone online seeking contribution from members of social networking sites. Though there is no upper limit to what one can pay, you could become a producer by paying only a rupee.

In return, all the contributors will get a copy of the DVD and their names will feature as co-producers in the credit list. The filmmakers have already collected Rs 90,000 in this manner and hope to start filming from September. According to the listing in the Indian Movie Database (IMDb), the budget of the film is Rs 250,000. The filmmakers have decided to call it ‘The One Rupee Movie’.

Read the rest of this article from Times of India.

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