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Rian Johnson predicts the future of 3D filmmaking in new essay

by Terri Schwartz.

When it comes to 3D, typically moviegoers fall on one of two sides of the debate: either you like it, or you don’t. Personally, I’ve fallen off the 3D bandwagon that I only really got on because of “Avatar.” A truly terrible 3D presentation of “The Avengers” that had me walking out of the theater with a splitting headache was the icing on my anti-3D cake, and I’ve deigned to avoid the film medium ever since.

But director Rian Johnson, whose forthcoming sci-fi film “Looper” is going to be released in 2D, has written an essay on his Tumblr account explaining why he thinks we’re looking at 3D all wrong, and it’s changed my perception a bit. In it, he argues that “3D is the future of cinema” and that “the introduction of stereoscopic photography is analogous to the introduction of color.” At the same time, he says he will “never shoot stereoscopic” and avoids watching 3D movies whenever he can. And no, he doesn’t think those sentiments are contradictory.

Read the rest of this article from IFC.

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