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We must end the boys’ club and honour all talented auteurs

by Rachel Ward.

The world and its dog has moved on but I’m still obsessing about why, for the second time in three years, there was no film directed by a woman in the main competition at Cannes this year. I know it’s only one festival, but it is by far the most prestigious and, really, that kind of omission is much more than the sum of its parts. It really does raise the larger question of why?

Why are so few females being recognised for excellence? This is 2012; we’ve been writing books, winning literary awards, hung in national galleries, directing operas and ballets, and running theatre companies for years now, so what is denying us a larger quota of recognition in filmmaking?

I was in France when the Cannes line-up of films for the Palme d’Or was announced and I can tell you it was front-page news and became the most talked-about issue of the festival.

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