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Military movie censorship ‘makes Americans warlike’

from RT.com.

Pentagon sanitizing of war movies to protect the image of US soldiers is illegal and makes Americans more war-like, says David L. Robb, author of a book on the issue. He says even James Bond films fell victim to over-harsh US military censorship.

RT: In your book Operation Hollywood: How the Pentagon Shapes and Censors the Movies (2004) you claim that the Pentagon selectively supports some movies and some filmmakers and that the way it is done is unconstitutional. Why do you think so?

DR: The Pentagon admits that they do selectively support some filmmakers and not others. If you are willing to give your script to the Pentagon and let them review it before you shoot the movie, and if they have any changes that they want to make, if they want to take out a portrayal of the military that they think is negative, that would hurt recruiting goals – if they want that taken out, and you agree to take that out or to put something that’s more positive to help them recruit people – then they will assist you and your movie. Then they can give you access to aircraft carriers and submarines and tanks and ships and planes. And if you don’t play ball with them – they won’t just give you that stuff. It’s unconstitutional because the Supreme Court has ruled over and over again that the First Amendment states that Congress shall make no act, shall make no law abusing the freedom of speech. The Supreme Court has ruled that means that the government cannot favor one form of speech over another, – and that’s exactly what the Pentagon does.

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