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5 of the greatest single shots in movie history

by John Clyde.

It’s unfortunate that many people still don’t recognize film making as an art form. It’s sad really considering that almost everything associated with it is art. The creativity and wit injected into a script, the emotion portrayed by the actors and the vision that is translated through both director and cinematographer.

It’s true not all films are considered great art, take “The Adventures of Pluto Nash” for example, but some moments in film can leave us speechless. These moments can literally take our breath away and send us in a panic looking for the remote to rewind or yelling at the projectionist to back up the reel.

One of the most impressive things in film can be the single shot. This is when the camera follows the action in one solid shot. To give you an idea of how difficult a single shot is, everything must be planned out perfectly. Everything must be set up and ready to go, from the actors, to the effects to the cinematographer’s route.

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