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The rise and rise of new Bollywood

by Rajini Vaidyanathan.

Colourful and often predictable, hit Bollywood movies tend to follow a formula for success. But a new crop of directors is challenging that convention.

A film about sperm donation and infertility, with unknown actors in the lead roles, is not what you would traditionally expect from Bollywood.

Vicky Donor, which is showing in Indian cinemas, is not a niche art house offering but a mainstream comedy, which has done brilliantly at the box office since it opened in April.

Even five years ago, the success and existence of such a film would have been very limited.

For decades, Bollywood cinema has stuck to a tried and tested formula – boy meets girl, parents object to the marriage, family is torn apart – a few fight scenes and dance routines later there is a happy ending.

The movies would usually star one or two big names, feature catchy songs and focus on broad themes such as good versus evil, or love against the odds.

Some directors have tried in the past to break this mould with limited audiences.

That a film like Vicky Donor has had mainstream success is testament to how much Bollywood has changed.

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