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Renowned filmmaker Roger Sherman on making better home videos

by Lauren Ivy Chiong.

Celebrated director and cinematographer Roger Sherman has had a career most filmmakers can only dream about.  Sherman has two Oscar nominations, and his outstanding documentaries have been some of the best ever broadcast on PBS.  He is a founding partner of Florentine Films along with fellow documentarian Ken Burns, known for his “Civil War” documentary series, and noted director of photography Buddy Squires.  Their company has produced countless great documentaries and films.

Yet Sherman has another little known passion: making home movies.  After years of creating films of life events involving family and friends, Sherman decided to share his experience as a professional filmmaker to help others make better home movies in his new book “Ready Steady Shoot: The Guide to Great Home Video.”

Sherman especially had parents in mind when writing the book, because they are some of the most enthusiastic when it comes to making home movies about their kids. Sherman realized that parents and other creators of home movies often make mistakes that, if avoided, can make the difference between a great home movie and an unwatchable one.  Sherman’s invaluable tips will have parents, vacationers, and others thinking like filmmakers and making movies that will be treasured for a lifetime and watched again and again.

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