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Indie Filmmakers to Greenlight Themselves

by Gina Hall.

The recent passage of the JOBS act may be the shot in the arm the indie film business needs to reignite the lackluster funding in recent years. What’s exciting is that it’s opening up the crowdfunding market past your typical cadre of friends and family who are making a donation to Kickstarter or Indiegogo without any expectation of return.

Maria Bozzi, Director of Education at Film Independent, noted “The JOBS Act could help filmmakers get the interest of other individuals, unrelated to the subject matter or filmmaker, who might want to dip their toes in the waters of filmmaking by investing in projects that promise them a piece of the pie in the form of equity.”

So what can the aspiring indie filmmaker do in anticipation of attracting these new investors? The online crowdfunding world is a big, noisy place and it’s not always easy to make a splash. It requires something that Hollywood’s traditional development process doesn’t — followers. Fortunately you get to keep your fan base from project to project, kind of like rolling over your own digital 401k of people who like you. And like your 401K, it’s never too early to start building it.

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