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You’ve made your film. Now what?

by Hemant Kumar Gaba.

When I finally managed to finish my first feature length film Shuttlecock Boys which took me a good 2.5 years to pull off (normally this period would vary between 1.5-2 years for first time filmmakers, mine was just a little longer), I wondered – What do I do now ? That was my thought process in January 2011 after the film got completed.

I was not wise or smart enough before making the film to chart out the strategy on how the film will be showcased after it was complete. That’s because I was not even sure, if I will be able to make a full length feature film. I thought, let’s try it; we will see what happens.

I started figuring out what normally happens after a film finishes. If it’s a Bollywood film from a studio or with an experienced producer, the film will already have a release date and a publicity plan. But what happens to Independent Films? That was question to which I wanted to find an answer. There will be few of those Independent Films which are made on a decent budget say Rs 2 crore or above that might be released independently; some recent examples might be ‘Love You to Death’ or ‘Tutiya Dil’.

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