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Pierre Etaix – Eternal clown comes up smiling

by Philippa Hawker.

A FILMMAKER, an artist, a musician, a clown, a writer, a poet – Pierre Etaix is one of the most versatile creative figures France has produced. As a filmmaker, he won an Oscar, he had a cinematic apprenticeship with the great Jacques Tati and directed five features. Yet for two decades his movies effectively disappeared, trapped in a copyright limbo that meant it was almost as if the prints had been lost.

Fortunately, two years ago – following an online petition signed by tens of thousands, including Woody Allen, David Lynch and Leslie Caron – the courts found in his favour and his films can be seen again around the world.

When I was in Paris recently, I arranged to meet Etaix, a sprightly, energetic and quietly whimsical figure, who can talk knowledgeably about the art of Chaplin and Keaton, enthusiastically about new technology, and without sentimentality about his own work.

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