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Distribution system is ruined in Bollywood

by IANS.

Well-known documentary filmmaker Ashvin Kumar, who had to wait for four years to release his first feature film “The Forest”, says the unsystematic distribution system in the industry is the reason behind such a long delay that is often killing good content-based cinema.

“For the last four years, I have been walking to every door to release the film. There are many companies in Bollywood who made me wait for a year or so, and then they backed out. So you can imagine how much time I spent to get the distributors,” Kumar told IANS in an interview.

Kumar has merged complications of human relationship with wildlife in “The Forrest”, a triangular love story with a subplot of a man-eating leopard. It will hit the screens across April 13. Nandana Sen, Ankur Vikal and Javed Jaffrey are playing the lead roles in the movie.

“There is very, very good space for content-based cinema here, we just need to train our country. Today everybody is running after the star but what about content-based cinema?

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