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Indian Filmmakers: For women, of women, by women

by Laxmi Birajdar.

A close-knit group of women film-makers, experts and technicians in the city are taking up women-centric issues steering clear of gender stereotypes, cliches and a set attitude towards women that is strongly reflected in Indian cinema.

As a writer, producer and director, Sumitra Bhave has made films like ‘Nital,’ ‘Ek Cup Chya’ and ‘Gho Mala Asa Hava.’ Her directorial approach avoids stereotypes, conventional gender biases and societal cliches.

The first film is about a leukoderma-affected woman who marries a doctor; the second is about the RTI Act from a woman’s perspective, while the third is about a comedy about a village girl looking for a suitable match.

However, exhibiting such films is a hurdle. “I pen and make my films with a different value system. There are subtle undertones that project the woman’s point of view. I choose not to show the conventional male perspective on feminine beauty and feminist issues. Such films resonate with a thinking audience. However, I have had to struggle to get my films through to the audiences because of middlemen like distributors and exhibitors. They need convincing,” Bhave said.

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