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Using Pinterest as a tool for your film marketing

by Sheri Candler.

Wow, has it really been a month since my last post?? Of course I sympathize with all of you who face the same obstacle, how to keep your online site populated with fresh and interesting content? It is a real problem in this era of being not only an artist, but a publisher and continually connecting with an audience.

Truth be told, I have been blogging regularly…just not here. If any of you are so inclined, my ballet blog for the Joffrey documentary is here. And I make daily  posts to my Facebook and Twitter accounts, also fairly regularly to my Google Plus. I could do better with balancing and mixing all of my activities; some links, some longer posts, devising a Pinterest board of the week…that kind of thing. So once again, I am getting on that horse and starting back again. I hope a few of you are still around.

Speaking of Pinterest…I only recently started using it for the Joffrey project which is why all of my boards are devoted to that. Looking at them gives a good idea on the kind of thing you could use it for on your production. In my workshop presentations, I talk about posting regularly on your social channels and not just information directly about your film, but also about the interests of your audience; those who would be a fan of your film and of yourself as an artist.

I am using the boards to show Joffrey history through pictures and videos. The ballets they created, the ballets they revived, their alumni dancers, Robert Joffrey through the years as well as photos of the merchandise available to buy through our site. It’s a balance of audience interest and promotion for the film.

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  • Steve March 20, 2012, 2:24 AM

    Filmy app on Facebook (www.filmyapp.com) is another great way to market your films – especially for small budget productions