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Vancouver Film School grads win prize from the “29 Second Film Festival” in South Korea

Eugene Kim, 26, a recent grad from Vancouver Film School was riding home in a bus one night when he stumbled with an amazing film opportunity. As he searched on his phone for free applications, he discovered an international film festival taking place in South Korea that was calling all filmmakers for a challenge: making a 29 second short-film with meaning and appeal.

Right away, he texted his roommates, Julien Trauman, Izabella Peregrino and Sebastien Dryland, also filmmakers recently out of film school, and pitched to them this idea. A week later, “One Last Shot” had been shot, finalized and was ranked 9th out of approximately 1000 shorts-films in the competition.

This adventure was only possible, thanks to the will and drive that these young filmmakers have. Directed by Julien Trauman and produced by Eugene Kim and Sebastien Dryland, the film has received many compliments from the Korean audience.

“We sat down on a Sunday, after a few nights of brainstorming and started sending out emails and making phone calls to get a crew together”, says Kim. “The script and shot list were finished that night, actors casted, and the concept of the film came together in only a few hours”, adds the producer who also counted with Sebastien Dryland to get everything done in such a short time.

The next day, they had a call time at 5 pm in a studio and the whole crew together. After seven hours – between equipment pick up and return, the film was in the can and ready to go to post-production. In three days, picture edit, sound design and color correction were finished and the movie was uploaded on the web, only four days before the announcement of the productions moving on to the next phase of the competition.

“Even though we made it to 9th place, we had to get a second 29” short together before knowing if we had made it to the next round or not”, explains Eugene Kim. Only now, they had to chose a theme amongst three that had been laid out by the organizers of the festival. “Life and…”, “Family is…” or “Between Hope and Hopeless”. From the previous brainstorming sessions, the director Julien Trauman had a concept that worked well with the third theme. The race was up once again.

The crew members from the first short jumped right in to make the second film. “Some had to find excuses to their every day jobs so that they could have the day off to be on set”, reveals Kim. This time, they had an important tool to bring more people on board.

“I showed a rental house our previous 29” and told them we are beginners in the industry and they got really excited with the idea of being part of it”, he explains. The actors casted had worked with Eugene Kim in a previous shoot and were convinced to volunteer for his new production after watching “One Last Shot”.

“Post-production was harder the second time, since all of us were busy working on other film sets and we had very limited time to finish ‘Dreams’”, says Kim. The director and editor, Julien Trauman, worked on the show every night for two hours during four days after working 14h days on a feature film. Color correction and sound design were finished on the same day after picture lock.

According to Izabella Peregrino, the director of photography, they “worked through the night, from 1am to 10 am straight”. “Because we had to submit  ‘Dreams’ that day, before 12am in Korea and with the time difference, we had very little time to make any mistakes”, adds the producer.

The final results come out on December 15th, but this team has already won something much greater than any prize they can imagine. “After grad I wasn’t really sure I could put together a project without the support from school and work on something that would make us proud, but we did it! These films gave us a huge confidence boost. If you have a good concept and you know the right people, you can make things happen”, admits Eugene Kim.

Director Julien Trauman


Here are the inks to both films. The password for both videos is graveley.

Dreams: http://vimeo.com/33331455
One last shot: http://vimeo.com/32110576



Julien Trauman – director/ editor – julientrauman@hotmail.com
Eugene Kim – producer/ sound designer – gnworldst@gmail.com
Sebastien Dryland – producer – seb-d@hotmail.co.uk
Izabella Peregrino – director of photography – izabellaperegrino@gmail.com
Lewis Wu – production designer/ special effects supervisor – chi_wu@tru.ca
Isabella Marengo – production designer – isabella_marengo@hotmail.com
Siobhan Duggan – production designer. – dsiobhan@hotmail.com

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