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“Reimagine CBC” campaign looking for bold ideas – and brave sponsors!

This article was written by Kai Nagata.

Are you working to push the envelope in Canadian media? Can you think of ways to make the CBC better? Do you have a stake in a refocused public broadcaster with a solid plan for the future?

Reimagine CBC” launched this week. The campaign is independent from the public broadcaster, and the message is a bit more subtle than your standard “save the CBC from cuts” (although big cuts now look inevitable).

Hatched by Internet freedom advocates Openmedia and youth democracy group Leadnow, “Reimagine CBC” is a big public brainstorm for anyone who’s ever caught themselves thinking out loud how the broadcaster could do better. It’s an online tool to gather ideas from real people, which organizers will then take straight to the CBC – and the CRTC.

Hundreds of submissions have poured in so far from across the country – and a lot of the suggestions have to do with improved online content. With the television market in turmoil, there’s a lot of enthusiasm for new ways of telling stories – new venues, more interactivity, more experimentation.

The CBC is a huge client for Canadian content – but right now the list of outside producers it works with is relatively short. Programming decisions come from the top, down. The Reimagine CBC team is trying to rock the boat a little, and they need help.

If your company or organization works in the Canadian arts & media scene – or is trying to shake things up – you might consider sponsoring one of the public events in Toronto or Vancouver.

(The Vancouver event has been confirmed for April 19th at the Vogue … no word on the Toronto schedule yet.)

These are big shows featuring lots of homegrown talent and a guest list full of innovators, taste-makers and content creators. You can email kai@genwhymedia.ca for more details.


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