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Forget pirates, the film industry has plundered itself

by Greg Jericho.

This week Rupert Murdoch has decided to take to Twitter to let us know all about his views on movie piracy.

His tweets have provided some nice nuggets of amusement that have been akin to your father telling you he’s heard about this thing called the information superhighway and wanting to know if you have heard of The Google.

The context for his tweets has been the bill before the US congress called the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). You know the act will do absolutely nothing to actually stop online piracy because of the standard rule that the more explicit an act’s title, the less likely it will achieve those aims.

The notional target of SOPA is file-sharing, but its current wording is so broad (and I advise you read Bernard Keane in Crikey for greater detail) that if passed the US government could do such things as shut down YouTube if it contained “pirated video”; or force Google to not link to sites that may allow one to download illegal content. (I should say the US government could “try to shut down” – because they won’t succeed). In protest against the bill, today at 4.00pm Wikipedia will shut down for 24 hours.

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