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Filmmakers look on to the future of movies

by Wu Jin.

Rising Chinese filmmaker Lu Chuan, known for his epic “City of Life and Death,” disclosed his long-time bafflement to iconic American movie director Joel Coen at the Sino-U.S. Cultural Forum in Beijing last month.

“Coen is one of my favorite directors,” Lu said. “So I’d very much like to learn from his experience in how to keep his style unaffected in the massive industrialized wave in America.”

“I thought (independence) is the most significant driving force for films to survive as an art form.”

However, the veteran Hollywood director behind internationally acclaimed films such as “Fargo,” “Ladykiller” and “The Man Who Wasn’t There” could only offer his experiences in a faraway domain.

He said the American film industry is broad enough for the directors, like, his brother Ethan Coen and himself, to work on independent projects. He said they were lucky enough not having to worry too much about the finances. “It doesn’t matter with what industry it is,” he said, “A certain amount of healthy distance from the industry is necessary.”

However, according to He Ping, secretary-general of the Chinese Film Directors Guild and one of the panelists in the forum, Chinese filmmakers are not as fortunate.

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