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Film digs into Bolex camera’s family history

by Maria Hsin.

A La Crescenta woman is on a mission to solve a mystery involving a man with three last names for each of the three countries he lived in. The inventor, artist, filmmaker, medical student and businessman was born in Russia in 1895, and he would eventually create the Bolex line of cameras.

The cameras have been used by professional filmmakers as well as those who simply wanted to document their lives. Jacques Bolsey’s desire to bring filmmaking capability to the masses first came to life in 1914 with the Cinegraph-Bol 35mm motion-picture camera. His iconic Bolex followed in 1924.

Alyssa Bolsey, the inventor’s great-granddaughter and a 2007 graduate of the San Diego State University School of Theatre, Television and Film, has been piecing together his life since 2004. Her research and quest for information will be part of a documentary project she hopes to release in 2013.

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