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Can Martin Scorsese’s Hugo save 3D?

by Mark Savage.

Martin Scorsese’s new film Hugo has been called a watershed for live action 3D film-making, but is it too late to save the format?

It has not been a great year for 3D.

Given a choice between 2D and 3D, film-goers have increasingly been choosing the cheaper option. The split is now 60/40 in favour of 3D, compared to 78/22 a year earlier.

Sales of 3D television sets have been sluggish, and the price of Nintendo’s 3DS console was slashed by more than £100, just five months after its release.

It’s not just a headache for the entertainment industry. Research by California State University found that people watching 3D content were three times more likely to suffer sore heads, eye strain and blurred vision.

It’s only two years since Avatar broke box office records – but is the honeymoon over already?

“We are at an absolutely pivotal moment,” says Chris Parks of Vision 3, a UK company which advises the film industry on stereoscopic technology.

Read the rest of this article from BBC News.

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