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David Cronenberg Talks Hysteria, History And His Evolution As A Filmmaker For A Dangerous Method

by Katey Rich.

David Cronenberg‘s new movie might not be what you expect from the famously provocative director behind The Fly and Scanners, or even more recently the guy who put Viggo Mortensen through the wringer (and into an unforgettable shower scene) in A History of Violence and Eastern Promises. A Dangerous Method, the Cronenberg film that opens Wednesday, deals with psychoanalysis and hysteria and sexual violence, but almost always in words instead of action.

It’s the story of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, their friendship and how it was tested by a woman named Sabina Spielrein, who started out as Jung’s half-mad patient and soon became a prominent psychoanalyst herself. Instead of letting the camera dive into Sabina’s hysterical mind or linger on the S&M sex sessions between her and Jung, the movie– adapted from a play by Christopher Hampton– is steady and talky, allowing these brilliant minds to communicate in words rather than action.

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