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How Technology Has Influenced Film Industry

from True Hero Studio.

With the rise of 3D technology in filmmaking, many aspects of film production and film viewing are changing, not always by much but usually to a visible degree. Film industry employees at various levels and in a range of fields are affected to different extents. Special effects artists, cinematographers, and of course directors all have new techniques to learn. But what of crew members in other areas of production?

Despite the fact that shooting in 3D produces a different kind of material, editor Rodrigo Balart of upcoming 3D release Bait does not believe that 3D affects the central aspect of his work. This aspect, of course, is the story. The job of the editor, he feels, is to construct and maintain the narrative in a visually effective way. The work of adapting to the new type of film footage and the equipment needed to handle it has not interfered with his focus on sustaining the film’s drama.

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