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Studios get realistic about 3-D’s future

by Scott Bowles.

Once hailed as a technology that would revolutionize filmmaking the way sound and color did, 3-D has become as much an albatross for some films as a lure. And studios are noticing.

According to a study by Exhibitor Relations, which tracks trends among theater owners, the number of big-studio 3-D films will drop by at least 25% a year through 2013. There were 40 new 3-D movies this year. Next year, 30 releases are planned for the big screen. That number dips to 15 in 2013, though that schedule remains incomplete and studios shuffle release dates. The study also found that some high-profile 3-D conversions are planned for classic films, including Finding Nemo and Beauty and the Beast.

“We might see a few more 3-D movies in 2013, but I’d be surprised if the number was more than 20,” says Jeff Bock, box-office analyst for Exhibitor Relations. “People are feeling burned, the studios are feeling burned. Everyone is pulling back.”

Read the rest of this article from USA Today.

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