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Bright stars of British indie film making

by James Carney.

There are more independent movies made in the UK each year than you imagine. With the continual improvement of affordable equipment available, more and more people are turning their hands to film-making – and the results, it’s fair to say, are mixed.

Even if your film is good – not quite the same as buying a lottery ticket – it takes a huge amount of timing and good fortune to make it stand out in this increasingly crowded market, and rise to the top.

With Black Pond, film-makers Will Sharpe and Tom Kingsley have begun their ascent.

With just £25,000 – the same figure, in dollars, with which Kevin Smith shot his first feature movie Clerks, Sharpe and Kingsley have made a movie that is causing waves on the independent festival circuit.

Selected to screen at Raindance and at the Moet British Independent Film Awards, Black Pond looks set to announce the arrival of two talented young film-makers.

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  • Sugel November 25, 2011, 7:30 AM

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