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UAE’s film industry – all talk no action?

from The Guardian.

It has global aspirations and plenty of money, but UAE’s film industry is struggling to develop local talent and audiences.

Cinema in the United Arab Emirates moved one step closer to Go in March when Tobe Hooper, director of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, arrived in the country to take charge of Djinn, a supernatural horror film. Funded by Image Nation, Abu Dhabi’s nascent film studio, it was eagerly anticipated as one of the company’s long-promised local productions.

But things went off-script. There were reports of strife between the Emirati and foreign crews, and “cultural consultant” Nayla al-Khaja, a feted local talent, left the production. “Djinn is not Emirati,” she later told Time Out Dubai, “The script? Written by an American. The producer? German-American. The director is American. Not even the sound recorder [is Emirati], not even the makeup artist, not even the wardrobe. Don’t we have anyone here who can design clothing?”

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