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The new Aussie rules of film-making give the outback the boot

by Oliver Pfeiffer.

From a controversial horror featuring a sadistic bushranger, to a Melbourne-set gangster saga, to a raucous documentary on 70s Ozploitation flicks, you’d have to have your head buried in the outback to have not noticed the sterling work going on in Australian cinema.

And in case you thought Wolf Creek, Animal Kingdom and Not Quite Hollywood were some sort of fleeting mirage, check out the impressive directorial debuts from Patrick Hughes (the suspenseful neo-western Red Hill), Leon Ford (Griff the Invisible – a remarkable romantic ode to superhero flicks) or Ben C Lucas (Wasted on the Young – a nightmarish social networking thriller).

They’re all evidence of fine Aussie film-making talent that proves you don’t need special effects nor mega bucks to make intelligent, provocative cinema.

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