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“It’s aLive…it’s aLive!” – Peter D. Marshall’s “Damn the Doom-and-Gloom 7-Day Fire Sale for Filmmakers” is Live!

On Wednesday, December 10, 2008 I released Peter D. Marshall’s “Damn the Doom-and-Gloom 7-Day Fire Sale for Filmmakers.”

So what is this 7-Day Fire Sale for Filmmakers?

“The Art and Craft of the Director Audio Seminar” is a 10-day film directing audio course I am offering to filmmakers at rock-bottom prices for one week, starting Wednesday, December 10. I will then raise the price of the audio seminar every few days until the 7-Day Fire Sale is over.

“The Art and Craft of the Director Audio Seminar” is a 162 page multi-media pdf eBook packed full of insider film directing tips and tools supported by over 550 film making reference links, videos and audio files you can download onto your computer. No CD’s, no DVD’s, no shipping!  (This 10-day course is currently selling at $37.00!)

Here are a comments from two filmmakers who just purchased “The Art and Craft of the Director Audio Seminar” on Wednesday, December 10:

“I am listening to the first audio file and just as I was hoping, it is a voice for the thoughts that go through your head while making a movie, and it is like having an understanding friend keep you company, filling the ideas flowing with life and warmth. Thanks Peter!” Steve Bishart, Studio City CA, USA

“Just got your download. The course looks stunning, well-laid out, highly referenced and very organized. The combination of visual, audio and text is elaborately comprehensive. I look forward to getting into it. Directing my second feature this spring, so the inspiration is welcome. Verne Varona, New York, New York, USA

Here is the price breakdown for the “Damn the Doom-and-Gloom 7-Day Fire Sale for Filmmakers!”

*COMPLETED Days 1, 2: Wed. Dec. 10 – Thur. Dec. 11 ($7.00)

*Days 3, 4, 5: Friday, Dec. 12 to Sunday Dec. 14 ($17.00)

*Days 6, 7: Monday Dec. 15 to Tuesday Dec. 16 ($27.00)

On Wednesday, Dec. 17, “The Art and Craft of the Director Audio Seminar” returns to it’s current price of $37.00.

If you have ever visited my website, or read any of my ezine articles or blog posts, you know that I have a mission to make my film knowledge available to as many filmmakers around the world as possible.

And this 7-Day Fire Sale is just another way I can share the skills and tools I have learned over the past 35 years in the film and television business.

To take advantage of these reduced prices for the next 7 days, please click on the following link to visit Peter D. Marshall’s “Damn the Doom-and-Gloom 7-Day Fire Sale for Filmmakers.

All the best (and “Damn the Doom-and-Gloom!”)


P.S. Here are some more comments from filmmakers who have previously purchased the “The Art and Craft of the Director Audio Seminar:”

“I was co-directing a music video on the weekend and a lot of the advice from your seminar stuck in my head and helped me through the two days. Just wanted to say thank you and that your audio seminar definitely helped a lot, especially the info about director prep and how to work with people.” Luke White, Gravesend, United Kingdom

“I definitely thought this course was worthwhile and informative.  It helped to flesh out some of my own vague ideas about how the industry of film worked and it helped me to reconceptualize many misconceptions I had about the industry and politics of the business.  While the course alone was worth every penny and minute, the website attachments and ideas for books were an added bonus that provided me with every opportunity to continue to learn the valuable ins and outs of the business. Thanks again.” Todd Donnelly – Brooklyn NY, USA

“I have really enjoyed the seminar and have learned so much from all your experiences and thoughts about the film industry. I recently graduated from college (it was not a “film school”) and none of my film classes covered anything like what your seminar taught me. Your real world experience and detailed analysis of the movie-making process covered more ground and made so much sense to me; it was the cake when all I’d had was icing. Thanks for all your time in research and preparation. This seminar was invaluable. You and I will probably never know how your lessons will play a part in my life and career.” Lauren Morton, California, USA

“I have listened to the audio files and found the information to be confidence boosting and extremely informative. I strongly recommend it to film makers of any level, especially the amateurs, to purchase this course…because it’s WORTH a full time film school. Peter thanks for your contribution to the budding film makers. I will be the first person to invest on your forth coming courses.” Amar – India

“Just ordered the course, great price! I liked what you said about passion and truth, that is the crux of the whole thing and it is  what sold me more than anything about buying this course.  Without those two qualities, one might as well sweep floors or do any other job for that matter.” Pete Castellano – Assistant Dean, Finance, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, University of Arizona

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