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Martin Scorsese Gives Hometown Crowd a Taste of 3-D Hugo

by S.T. VanAirsdale.

After a weekend of speculation, guesses and second-guesses about which top-secret “work in progress by a master filmmaker” would in fact screen tonight as a last-minute addition to the New York Film Festival, Martin Scorsese confirmed today’s reports by taking the stage at Avery Fisher Hall in Manhattan and introducing his family-friendly 3-D opus Hugo to a loving hometown crowd. Not everybody in attendance had monitored the buzz around tonight’s event.

A few wizened viewers who probably couldn’t distinguish the output of a stereoscope from that of a stereophone looked baffled as ushers issued fistfuls of plastic-wrapped glasses with their seating directions. (“What are these? “They’re for the 3-D.” “Row 3-D?”, etc. etc.) But most of the house settled in with the type of anticipation befitting any never-before-seen Scorsese film, let alone a crowd-pleasing gambit applying the premiere moviegoing gimmick of our day to a product that even the filmmaker admitted beforehand wasn’t quite finished yet.

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