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John Carpenter: ‘3D films are so exciting. Until you put those stupid glasses on’

by Adam Jacques.

It was horrible losing my passion for film-making. I’d been working steadily since 1970 [on films from Assault on Precinct 13 to Halloween] and eventually became exhausted by the whole process. By [2001’s Ghosts of Mars] it was total burnout. So I took some time off, away from Hollywood, and got to reconnect with my family. With The Ward [out earlier this year], I found the joys of making movies again, and now I’m back to developing a couple of new projects.

There are only two types of horror stories. It’s all about where evil comes from. One is that it’s from the outside: the other tribe, the other person, the people who live in the woods; the other type is the interior story, that evil comes from your own heart. That’s a harder story to tell.

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