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Need a cure for serious? Check out Trilby Jeeves’ “Buffoon Culture” ezine

My partner, Trilby Jeeves, has just published the first issue of her monthly ezine called “Buffoon Culture.”

Trilby calls her ezine “a cure for serious” and it’s a perfect fit for the creative “Buffoonery Workshops” she gives to actors, businesses and organizations. http://buffooneryworkshops.com.

Trilby uses her Buffoonery Workshops as a vehicle to help you learn how to laugh at yourself, hence freeing yourself for a richer, less ego based life. In short, her workshops are designed to help you bring out your inner bouffon!

So why do I recommend you sign up to Trilby’s “Buffoon Culture” monthly ezine?

Because it will keep you updated on priority Buffoonery Workshop announcements; creative brainstorming tips; unique team building exercises; and featured client profiles.

What are the benefits of her Buffoonery Workshops?

If you are an Actor: you will learn to develop your bouffon through a series of exercises using your own physicality. Eventually, you will “Buffoon” a prepared scene or monologue in order to make unexpected, honest discoveries that will feed your work. http://buffooneryworkshops.com/workshops/actors

“For me, the Buffoon workshop was a huge awakening to bringing my whole being to the work that I do as an actor. Buffoonery opens the door for you to reach the heights in your performance in every direction and through that world, emerges a vibrant and generous expression of yourself.” Ashley Rose, Vancouver, Canada

If you are businesses or organization: Trilby can help your employees by using non-traditional team building exercises to give them permission to play and to reconnect better with you and their co-workers.

“Immediately following the workshop, SaskFilm received an overwhelming response from the participants in the form of several emails and phone calls praising Trilby and the workshop and identifying the benefits they felt they had gained through the session. In order to successfully teach this program, one has to build an incredible amount of trust with and amongst participants in an incredibly short period of time. It is clear from the response that Trilby possesses that ability.”  Susanne Bell, CEO & Film Commissioner, SaskFilm, Regina, Canada

But don’t take my word for it.

Check out Trilby’s website at http://buffooneryworkshops.com to see what she can can do for you or your organization and sign up to her creative and humorous monthly ezine, “Buffoon Culture” – a cure for serious! 🙂


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