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Indie Auteur Joe Swanberg Offers New Distribution Model: Subscription-Based Fandom

by Jen Yamato.

The indie filmmaking game (as in true-blue, studio-free indie filmmaking) has gotten to a point where even Francis Ford Coppola is following Kevin Smith into the great unknown of out-of-the-box distribution experimentation, but mumblecore vet Joe Swanberg (LOL, Hannah Takes the Stairs) has partnered with independent release label Factory 25 on yet another crazy idea: Selling four-film, one-year subscriptionsto his fans for $99.95 a pop, like a film version of artisanal foodstuff and wine club models.

“If I can find 1,000 people to pay $100 a year for four of my movies, I can keep making movies,” said Swanberg (via Filmmaker Mag). “This can be a sustainable way to make small challenging movies that don’t have to get into festivals and don’t need distributors.”

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