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The Microbudget Conversation: Unpaid Crew vs Under-Paid Crew

by John Yost.

In our last post Anna Rebek briefly touched on one very important aspect of sacrifice when it comes to making microbudget films…crew. I think we often have to get past the feeling of incredible guilt in pre-production when asking friends and family to come along on yet another microbudget adventure.

However, we learn to compensate with understanding, attention and compassion, making micro budget a unique testing ground for new methods. No matter what happens after these films are made, we are left with lessons that some big-budget filmmakers have never had to learn.

Perhaps instead of wondering when to give up, we should be taking this time learning how to prepare for the future. Layton Matthews is here to discuss the merits of treating your crew right…and while you’re at it, why not pay them something.

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