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Lesbian filmmaker Katherine Brooks on new movie, the film industry

by Carrie Maxwell.

Lesbian filmmaker Katherine Brooks is taking on a new challenge.

Brooks—whose other films include the lesbian love story, Loving Annabelle and the drama/thriller, Waking Madison, as well as stints working on The Osbournes and The Real World—has taken her career in an entirely different direction with Face 2 Face.

The genesis of her new film came when Brooks realized that she wasn’t happy living in Los Angeles so she sold her house and expensive car and moved to New Orleans to reconnect with her roots (she grew up in a small town in the bayou of La. near New Orleans). While living in New Orleans she had major surgery and became bedridden. As she was laying in bed her depression turned into severe depression and she also started running out of money. Brooks knew she would have to go back to LA and get a job in reality TV which she swore she would never do again.

“Here I am recovering from surgery staying with my mother and contacting reality TV producers telling them I needed a job. During that time I ended up trying to kill myself by OD’ing on Demerol,” Brooks explained going on to say “that’s only happened to me two times in my life, the other instance was when I was a teenager just before I left home. … I do believe in a higher power and while I was laying in bed I said. … Help me do something good with my life. Within an instant I got the idea for Face 2 Face.

“I was on my Facebook page and I saw that I have 5,000 friends but I’m completely alone. I’ve been in this bed for two months and no one has come to visit me so I turned on my flip cam and wrote in my status update ‘the first 50 people who say yes, I’m coming to your city to spend the day with you and I’m going to make a movie about it.’ Within ten minutes I had almost 100 people saying yes so I had my 50 and that is how it started.”

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