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Dancing with the devil – How do you make it in the film industry without selling out?

by Justine Frazier.

The tent was overflowing with an eager audience ready to soak up the wise words of two of Australia’s best filmmakers.

Gillian Armstrong is an award-winning creator of feature films and documentaries. Her films include My Brilliant Career, Oscar and Lucinda and Charlotte Gray.

Paul Cox was born in The Netherlands and moved to Australia in 1965. He is an internationally acclaimed filmmaker and is the author of Tales from the Cancer Ward. In 2009 he was the recipient of a liver transplant which is the subject of a documentary made by local filmmaker David Bradbury.

The session began by journalist, crime writer and chairwoman Liz Porter asking Gillian Armstrong how Hollywood came to be calling. It was the success of My Brilliant Career that saw an onslaught of actors’ calls and scripts landing in her lap, but Gillian initially turned down Hollywood offers to remain with her winning team.

Armstrong and Cox dished out the dirt on Hollywood and the challenges that come with keeping your integrity, admitting that most filmmakers have to ‘sell out’ to make a living.

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