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From gestation to realisation, lessons of a novice film-maker

by Dani Valent.

The creation of Here, a road movie, was something of a road movie itself.

TEN years after I started writing Here with New York filmmaker Braden King, I arrived on set in Armenia: a puddled driveway, a crumble-down hotel, a gleaming church backed by a shy rainbow. As I was introduced to the 40-person crew, the script supervisor, Gaby Yepes, hid the script from me. ”You don’t want to see this,” she said, letting long hair fall over her clipboard. ”There’s red pen all over it.”

Her job was to record what happened as the film was filmed.

The script, the document that I knew intimately, every comma, every nuance sweated over, was victim to reality: actors changed lines, night fell so shots were rethought, sheep didn’t dart across the road the way they were supposed to. I could have felt devastated, protective, outraged at the licence being taken (naughty sheep!), but I felt excited: how amazing to create a template for all this activity, close attention and each clapperboard call of ”Action”.

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