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Filmmakers Help: I have a few questions for other’s debut directing experiences.

Hi Peter,

Thank you for doing this. I do have a few questions/requests for other’s debut directing experiences:

I am interested, as a new writer and director, in the experience of other directors while doing their first feature. Specifically those that didn’t have much experience for that first one but had an incredible passion for making films. What tips/experiences can you all pass along, with regards to working with actors and crew on such a massive project.

Would love to hear from older women working in the industry as well, as I am giving it a dedicated go and I am later on in my life and believe it to be an opportunity and a challenge but not impossible.

Also I am co-directing a feature with the producer of the film and who has more experience. Just wanting to hear from others that may have had similar experiences, how they may have worked in a co-directing situation of this kind.

Aarhon Silver
Sydney, Australia

Writer // Co-director
‘Saving the planet requires two things: 1. Sobriety  2. Vegemite’

IMPORTANT: Please leave your answers in the Comment box below. If you are interested in contacting Aarhon about her questions, please leave your name and email address in the Comment box below so he can contact you.

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