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Filmmakers Help: Looking for a videographer (Washington DC area) to help me make a very short video for the classes I am teaching online.

Dear Peter,

I am looking for a videographer or budding filmmaker who would like to add to their list of credits, to help me make a very short preview video for the ‘live’ online ‘interactive’ classes I am teaching online.

The website where I am teaching is http://www.Physiic.com. This is a fairly new company and growing.

You will find a description of my class – Deep Guided Relaxation – there, and my bio under Instructors: Eileen Kragie. I will be adding asana (yoga postures) classes soon so I am thinking that having multiple previews would be best, one for each type of class.  I envision them being very short, yet warm and inviting.

I live in Vienna, Virginia right outside of Washington DC, and the location for filming is open.  At present my budget is small for this piece of my marketing but I know that will change. And would be more that happy to credit, in fact insist on it, whomever films the videos. As I mentioned, I see this as a much longer term relationship than just one video.


IMPORTANT: If you are interested in contacting Eileen about this project, please leave your name and email address in the Comment box below so she can contact you.

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